Friday, January 6, 2012

Day Three

When I woke up this morning, I had this feeling that today was going to be an interesting day. Boy was I right! By noon today we had two students that were forcibly removed from the classroom by multiple adults. One of the students I completely understand why they are acting the way they are. I mean there is no excuse for what they are doing, but at the same time you need to know their background in order to understand where they are coming from. This student decided that it was time to give the room a makeover. They were removing things off the wall and the carpet. It all ended with them running out of the room and all over the school why some teachers tried to catch them. That led with having the student running back into our room and destroying more things until we had the Principal and another teacher carried them out of the room. That all happened by 10! Then our second student decided that they weren’t going to do anything that anyone told them. It was time to go to music and they didn’t want to go so they screamed and threw a fit until they were put into our Special Ed room. Finally after some time that teacher brought them to the music room but of course they missed music and they had to stand out in the hallway with me until the rest of the students came out. That time I told them to go and line up against the wall and they yelled and stomped their feet at me. I just didn’t know what to do except I know that working with these types of students I know that I can not give in to their demands. That is what I had to do…not give in. The hardest part of this was not the whole acting out issue to me it was the heartbreaking feeling you seeing a 5 year old act like this! To me as a teacher we are expected to teach all of this information to the students. But answer this question for me, How is a student suppose to learn a ton of information when in the back of their head they have to deal with all of life problems? Over hearing all of the student’s home life is hard for me to wrap my head around due to the fact that I have never even experience that myself. That makes it hard to get to their level when at the age of 5 they have dealt with more of life problems then you have. I just don’t know how to help that.

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  1. Great question, but remember that if the students are being held to this standard of "you have a lot going on so don't worry about this" then when they get to high school, they will still feel that way and struggle to meet the standard that all other students are held to. I am reading a book right now, and the best way to teach these students are to bring in their own background, their own families. Get to them, if you can, interview the parents. Know their struggles and interests and teach from them. Make it relevant. I had a class similar to this but with 7th grade, they needed me to stay calm and I realized they responded calmly.