Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day One!

Well what can I say, today was a whirle wind! Having this be my first day made it on the stressful side. I was pretty overwhelmed as I entered the classroom. All of my field experiences are nothing like the real world of teaching!
Today my teacher presented to me a binder with about basically all of the information that I would need in order to survive in her room. Everything from the students standpoint in their knowledge to their social skills! To me that was alot to be getting all at once. Then I also found out what I will be teaching when it comes to actually my two full weeks! Now I kow some of you are thinking that shouldn't be so bad, but when you have a teacher work sample on top of that it makes it seem like it is so much. My mind is so confused and scared about everything, I am not really sure where to start!
Now my students on the other hand were (I believe ) is their testing phase on knowing you. Alot of them tried that trick of "your new lets see what I can get away with! Some of them did succeed, while others not so much. All that I know is that it is 7 at night and I am completely drained and actually wanting to go to bed. Lame I know but with 20 + kindergarteners and getting up at 4:30 in the morning to workout, by 7 I do feel like it is 2 in the morning. I am hoping by next week my sleeping will not be so needed with everything I have going...well lets see about that one!

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